Why you should use bathroom paint

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Why you should use bathroom paint

When it comes to painting bathrooms customers will request bathroom specific paint or expect you to use the one that they have already purchased. But is it the right paint to use or will a normal emulsion work just as well?

Bathrooms are typically moist environments due to the condensation caused by the steam from having a shower or bath, this condensation sits on walls and ceilings and causes those horrible black mould patches. We decided to look into this further to understand what different bathroom paints have to offer and what features make them ideal for bathrooms.

Our V500 Kitchen and Bathroom paint is designed to withstand frequent cleaning and the moisture and high levels of humidity you may experience in such areas.

First, we took a look at what Crown had to say, their Mouldguard bathroom paint "is specially formulated with mouldguard + technology in a mid sheen finish and is designed to resist steam and condensation." By resisting steam and condensation the paint is helping to resist the production of mould on the surface.

Dulux state, "Dulux Easycare Bathroom paint is exceptionally tough moisture and steam resistant paint. Its mould resistant formulation protects the paint against mould for five years, keeping your bathroom looking great for longer". Again the paint is designed to prevent the formation of mould on the paint surface.


Talking to the paint manufacturers

OK, so it's a similar message from both Crown and Dulux. But, is it a necessity or a clever marketing message? We decided to have a chat with a Valspar to get their take on the matter. They told us "Our V500 Kitchen and Bathroom paint is designed to withstand frequent cleaning and the moisture and high levels of humidity you may experience in such areas. Again these products we offer are designed to be extra durable and even mould and stain resistant, all qualities ideal for these areas of your home".



With all this information it is safe to say that there is a difference between bathroom specific paint and standard interior paint. The bathroom paint is going to help prevent the build-up of mould and will resist the cleaning that takes place to keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh. A caveat to this is that none of these paints will completely eradicate mould build up so it is important that the bathroom is well ventilated with an extractor fan or open window or both to stop those black marks building up.

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Posted by Steve Davidson on 20-Sep-2019 14:24:50
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