Oil Condition Monitoring: Why you should be doing it.

As oil flows through your machine it collects tiny flakes of metal from the gears that then circulates around the machine along with the oil. Although these are tiny once they build up they can start to damage the gears of your machine and can also degrade the gear oil and the additives inside it. If this is not picked up it can lead to breakdown of the machine which means down-time for the production line.

Choosing the right industrial gear oil: What you need to know?

When it comes to maintaining the gearbox of your machine, choosing the right industrial gear oil is crucial. It should be considered during all set up or maintenance as it is an integral structural element. When selecting a gear oil, certain parameters should be considered. Parameters such as speeds, performance, environmental influences (weather conditions etc) and special operating conditions (extreme temperatures) need to be considered.

Why is gear oil viscosity important?

Why is viscosity important?

Viscosity is extremely important when selecting gear oils as it significantly determines the formation of a lubricant film. By increasing the viscosity of the lubricating oil this creates a thicker lubricant film which in turn improves the anti-wear and dampening properties as well as scuffing load capacity.

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