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    Formaldehyde in cutting fluids. What you need to know.

    EU Reclassifies Formaldehyde-Releasing Agents

    The European Union has reclassified several formaldehyde-releasing agents (FRAs) such as methylenedimorpholine (MBM), oxazolidine (MBO) and hydroxypropylamine (HPT) as category 1B carcinogens. Previously, formaldehyde itself was classed as a carcinogen – but formaldehyde-releasing agents were not. This is no longer the case. Based on this regulation, formulations with more than > 1000 ppm formaldehyde have to be labelled as carcinogenic.

    Molykote™ G-9000 grease replaces Molykote™ 1292

    In a communication to distributors in September 2018 Dow®, the parent company of Molykote™ announced that Molykote™ 1292 was being discontinued. Although they have not given any specific reason for the product being discontinued Dow® have highlighted the new Molykote™ G-9000 grease as a replacement.

    Choosing The Right Industrial Gear Oil

    When it comes to maintaining the gearbox of your machine, choosing the right industrial gear oil is crucial. It should be considered during all set up or maintenance as it is an integral structural element. When selecting a gear oil, certain parameters should be considered. Parameters such as speeds, performance, environmental influences (weather conditions etc) and special operating conditions (extreme temperatures) need to be considered. 

    Lithium Grease: What does it all mean?

    So you’re looking for a grease, you’ve seen many references to ‘Lithium EP2’ but you’re not sure what it means or whether it is relevant to your needs? Let’s try and cut through the jargon!

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