Nitrile, Latex or Vinyl Gloves: What's the difference?

When looking for disposable gloves there are few different choices of materials, nitrile, latex and vinyl. It can be hard to know which one to choose, let's take a look at the differences.

Mirka's AOS-B cordless sander hits the spot

Since 1943 Mirka has been producing high quality sanding tools and abrasives. Based in Finland they are renowned within the automotive and carpentry world for their dust free sanding solutions that help to produce a clean and safe working enviroment. 

Mirka is expanding its power tools range with the addition of the first small, brushless, battery-driven, spot repair, cordless sander that have both orbital and random orbital movements. The new AOS-B 130NV sander is suitable for multiple sanding operations including finessing, Corian® sanding and E-coat and primer sanding applications, producing a high quality, consistently smooth finish, maximising productivity.

Lithium Grease: What does it all mean?

Lithium EP2 Grease

So you’re looking for a grease, you’ve seen many references to ‘Lithium EP2’ but you’re not sure what it means or whether it is relevant to your needs? Let’s try and cut through the jargon!

How to remove silicone sealant

By far the best way to remove silicone sealant is when the product is still wet. Whilst it is still in its curing phase and before it has formed a skin, excess or incorrectly applied silicone is best removed just using a dry paper towel. Certain cloth cleaners can also be used but remember to use them dry. The friction of a wet towel (especially a paper-based one) will remove uncured silicone better than a wet cloth which will tend to smear it. Whilst the silicone is still wet you do not need to use any other cleaning liquids. 

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Top tips for preventing dust and dirt in your spray booth

So you have a high quality spray booth but keep finding dirt and dust in your paintwork. The solution is usually not as complicated as you might think. These tips will help you to prevent dirt in your spray booth and hopefully save you the headache of having to retouch paint jobs.

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